General "how to adult"

Allowable motor vehicle expenses
The CRA considers driving back and forth between home and work as personal use.

If you make less than ~35,000, you can get income tax done at a free tax clinic.

For tax advice, apparently there is a hotline at the CRA that you can call:

Which year’s TD1 do I use? Helpfully the date is broken down on this page:

Make a list of services as you sign up. For instance: property tax, condo fees, etc. Then, go down your bank account statement and check to make certain that money is being withdrawn properly.

The preauthorized payment was not put through properly when I moved into this new condo, and the monthly fees were not being transferred. Luckily this was caught early before any interest accrued.

Tried using and ledger, a powerful command-line accounting system to make a progress bar for expenses (“how much money do I have left this week”).