What is Whimsy Sciences?

Will this be of any use? I don’t know! We’ll see how it turns out!

finishing.com has crystallized
Almost certainly

part lab notebook (what did you do?). I hope this might force me to make more effective lab notes.

For instance, here’s an eevblog forums post on a 30 ghz spectrum analyzer.

oh great, another forum

yeah, I don’t really know why either.

xkcd echochamber


like DMOZ or https://curlie.org/

The first principle is to be totally nerdy. I won’t define this; you’ll know it when you see it.

Julia Stiles in Ghostwriter.

There are lots of good sites. YouTube

we can see that stuff like nerdfighteria

with the demise of xkcd.echochamber, a lot of the mathematical banter that brushes up physics expertise