Media that is culturally, historically or aesthetically significant to me


  • God Bless You Mr. Rosewater by Kurt Vonnegut

  • Paul Farmer - Mountains beyond mountains

  • The Robot Builder’s Bonanza, Third Edition

I was introduced to electronics and hardware via this book. While the edition I had used quite antiquated electronics (the basic stamp?)


  1. Hackers
  2. Chain Reaction (1996)
  3. Johnny Mnemonic

TV shows

  • Mythbusters

  • Macgyver (original)

  • Murdoch Mysteries

Hello Internet

Tom Scott’s Citation Needed - never fails to cheer me up, great sense of humor


very central to me.

The Bite Sci-Zed series by Alex Dainis.

I grew up watching these videos! I think the presenter does a great job conveying the process and enthusiasm of science (the green algae video is a masterpiece of critical commentary on a primary source). I was introduced to Alex by a biology tutor (also named Alex!) that my parents arranged when I was young - probably 13 or so.

Emily Graslie’s Brain Scoop


Keith Neufeld’s electronics blog

dansdata & howtospotapsychopath

Sparkfun comments - Nathan Seidle’s TEDx talk on patents

Servo, Robot magazine