Want wall artwork without breaking the bank.

  • 22+1⁄2 in × 28+1⁄2 in (572 mm × 724 mm) white bristol board from Shoppers Drug Mart ($1.5 apiece! cheap)
  • A regular black sharpie
  • A Creation P cut 630
  • Inkcut
  • inkscape
  • gimp
  • pinta

Command poster strips work great for hanging.
inkcut.job.json (113.3 KB)
inkcut.device.json (78.1 KB)

Gmp High Pass

The Creation P-cut seems to have an issue on the first plot attempt and goes crazy: I just plot a small blank square and then the next try works fine.

To plot, I put a regular sharpie in the small hole, taking out the cutter. The sharpie needs to be pushed all the way up, so it touches the cover: otherwise it drags on the paper.

Michaels’ bristol board is a nicer quality and usually not damaged on the corners like Shoppers’ drug mart stuff. However, it bows sligtly in the middle between the rollers, which seems to be fine but could cause dragging of the pen.

Machine has no heart; Substitute your own

Inspired by a sticker from one of Mx. Qualia’s streams.


From an IPCC AR6 figure. The plot border wasn’t supposed to be plotted, and the projections were supposed to be dashed.