Repetitive strain injury logbook

I lost it last night, got really stressed that I hadn’t made enough progress towards a big project ( which I hadn’t). Worked on till 2:00 in the morning with a couple hours break at about 7:00 p.m. at about 8:00 p.m. Used the Roller Mouse with both hands when I got home. I exercised my arms strenuously throughout the full range of shoulder motion with an 8 lb weight. Then in the morning I worked another 3 hours severely.

My hands are killing me, especially my left, which feels very much like it did a year ago. Certain positions of the elbow and shoulder will produce a dull pain in the wrist, and there’s a constant nerve dullness in my upper inside arm, tingling in the palm, weakness holding things like pens.

Woke up with a persistently numb left hand. Tips of fingers are tingling when I open my left hand. I should note that yesterday in the previous day’s project was predominantly programming not very much text. For some reason, perhaps because of the different modifiers, I find I program very aggressively now, trying to type quickly.

I’m using nerd dictation in practice now alternating between most keyboard and dictation is a very efficient strategy

Rather than setting breaks at regular intervals I should instead of having a counter maybe with certain fingers (mapped) with an exponential decay monitoring each keystroke, and with a speed . after a certain value need to wait for the Decay to return to its previous

EyeRecToo open-source gaze tracking software!

50 nm wide: