I set multiple alarms on multiple devices (phone, physical alarm clock, pebble), spaced 10 - 20 minutes apart, starting maybe half an hour before the deadline when I need to get up. This way, if I fall back asleep, I’ll get kicked back up again - in a way that the snooze button doesn’t seem to do. Vibrating pebble seems to work well as one of the devices.

Think about backup plans: what if your car doesn’t start. How long will it take for the next bus or a taxi to arrive

For the bus, I got up at 6:20 one time, left immediately, just missed the first bus, and still needed to call a taxi at around 7.



I’ve had issues with my nose running continuously in the fall to winter season.

I started with diphenhydramine, definitely worked but I would get nosebleeds and all sorts of negative symptoms, especially if I took it two days in a row. Tried out a few other options, Loratadine (Claritin) didn’t prevent the symptoms. I now take Ceterizine hydrochloride (Zyrtec or generic) 5 mg (half tablet) upon symptoms, full tablet (10 mg) if they persist after a half-hour or so. Happy with this. Claimed to be non-drowsy but it does mess with my brain a bit.


"Apply antiperspirant twice a day (in the morning and at night). Why? At night, you sweat at a slower rate, which allows more antiperspirant to sink down into your sweat ducts. "

Just learned about the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant. Especially if I’m trying to avoid driving to work, in the middle of summer, . Tried Old Spice pure sport combination antiperspirant. Worked well, dry all day, except it’s almost impossible to remove at the end of the day. Switched back to the deodorant-only Old Spice classic. Wearing an undershirt is sufficient to prevent stains, and this is what I’ll keep doing.

Gilbert’s syndrome

Eyes were yellow, bilirubin levels were high (25 vs typical 22), but doctor suggested Gilbert’s, other liver values were normal, not dangerous but if I get unwell those levels might spike

Important dates

Car insurance renewal Jan 30th.

I made an appointment to get the HPV vaccine after Cara Santa Maria’s fucking chilling story of cervical cancer, and because I’m below age 27 cutoff. Talked to doctor, they said to contact Public Health directly.

They said it’s three shots, $800 per shot.